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Tango music, as you can find it today on CDs in shops in Buenos Aires, is usually of poor sound quality:

The instruments sound distorted, the voices too high, often like from a cartoon. Since the market for tango music is very small, big labels have no interest in making high-quality transfers, and often they are not even able to do so because they lack the original shellacs.

The existing CDs are often multiple copies of a record or a tape, heavily reworked.

In 2011 Christian Xell started to go a different way with TangoTunes:

TangoTunes acquired (and is still acquiring) large collections of shellacs that are occasionally released in Argentina and began a new transfer process.

After many setbacks, endless tests and many discarded branches, the first new transfers were finally launched on in 2013.

They were special:

Brought to the right speed through expert dubbing, many of these tangos just sound more correct. A noise can often be heard, but the music comes into its own.

The TangoTunes label quickly developed into an insider tip among Tango DJs (TJs) and over the years has made a name for itself in the scene as a transparent, open and sustainable publisher.

With, TangoTunes would now like to offer tango-loving, music-interested dancers a best of tango music. No physical frills, ready for your own stereo system.

Download - listen - enjoy. Close your eyes and dance. And do good by buying. Yourself and the world heritage site Tango Argentino.